We are so excited to announce that we have developed a 3-part kit of seed planting tools that will hopefully make planting seeds in propagation trays a simple and efficient process while offering more precision for higher germination rates and easier transplanting. Our kit has been built in combination with a basic set of guidelines to ensure maximum effectiveness so that you get the best results possible. 

The first stage in our kit is a soil compression plate that is made of an aluminum frame and plate with stainless steel bolts for a balance of strength and durability. This unit is designed to be heavy in order to be effective at compressing the soil mix into the propagation trays. It can be purchased on its own or as the kit that works with all units which includes a base frame with hinge plates that allow for easier operation and precise alignment with the trays.

The second stage is a precision hole dibbler that is made entirely out of aluminum and uses rivets to press through a guideplate and creates a perfect hole in the compressed soil tray. This dibbled hole is very important for getting the highest rate of germination possible for all of your seed starts so we have made sure that our unit is designed to create that perfect environment.

The final stage is our unique all-aluminum vacuum seeder that allows for extremely fast and easy seeding when used with our dibbler unit. Simply hook up a shop-vac to our unit and you have the ability to save yourself all the time and energy of traditional seeding which allows you to get more done.

Our kit starts on the principle of using the following materials, however you may find your own methods work just as well:

  • Potting mix - Coarse
  • Potting mx - Fine
  • Nutrient mix - Not necessary but recommended
  • 2 x Rubbermaid Tubs (soil mixing)
  • Water
  • Propgation trays (50ct, 72ct, 98ct, 102ct, 128ct, 200ct etc.)
  • FarmLife Tools 3 Part Seeder Kit