Our company is founded by farmers. We take pride that everything we design and build will not only help us as farmers, but it will hopefully change the lives of others. We hope that you can take our tools and methods and apply them to your operation to maximize your time and efficiency. This will give you more time to focus on growing your business and enjoying everything you have worked for.


Farmer Jeff owns and operates Old Meadows Organics, an 11 acre certified organic operation in Kelowna, BC that grows a diverse range of mixed fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. They have a market on-site that is open 7 days per week from June until October. Not only do they provide produce for the local community but they also work closely with local chefs, home delivery programs throughout BC and wholesalers across Western Canada. Check out their website www.oldmeadowsorganics.com

Farmer Jeff left the financial industry to pursue his dreams of operating a sustainable venture that would improve his life, and the lives of others. He took over Old Meadows in 2013 as a 2.5 acre farm and has now grown it to 11 acres with more plans in the future. 

As his farming career progressed it became evident that due to the complexity of his operation he would require tools that just did not exist, or were poorly built. This was a problem, but that is perfect because Farmer Jeff loves inventing and innovating to make the world better. This led to the need for the development of a line of tools and in order to share it with others we have started FarmLife Tools.